Honestly Healthy Fridge Fill

To prepare for a very busy weekend at Glastonbury I decided to give myself a little health boost- I tried the Honestly Healthy fridge fill for three days.

When I am a little stressed, my stomach is often affected this can be down to high acid levels in your diet. As Honestly Healthy focuses on an alkaline lifestyle I found it interesting to see the affects at the end of the three days.

I found the three days with Honestly Healthy great! Although I have been really busy this week, I have been able to follow the three day menu and take my food for the day out with me. Each dish all tasted really fresh and yummy and I didn’t find myself hungry.

Only tip would be to not do too much cardio exercise as some hours of the day you may find you are low on energy. Try something like pilates instead!

My favourite dish was the vegetable curry and the ginger bread afternoon snack was a great treat!

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