Chris James Mind & Body Cleanse

As promised, I said I would let you know how I got on with my cleanse- The Chris James Mind & Body Cleanse which I did last month. In the past I have been terrible at sticking to any kind of cleanse/detox but I found this one easy to follow and very manageable- I even stuck to it for the whole 12 days!

I am not a big believer in dieting but I wanted to make a conscious move to eat healthy along with giving my digestive system a clean and to see if I felt the effects. Chris’s 12 day cleanse is broken in to four phases- the preparation phase, pre-purification phase, power phase and the maintenance phase, throughout these phases supplements are to be taken such as Vitamin C and Milk Thistle.

Days 1-3 was the preparation phase, during this part of the cleanse I learnt to eliminate certain foods from my diet and introduced others. Being intolerant to wheat and diary this really helped as the food rules table guided me to other options. For example I cut out cashew nuts and introduced pumpkin, sesame and brazil nuts.

Days 4-6 saw the pre-purification phase where I had to eat as much raw food as possible- lots of Edamame beans! This is where you start to streamline your diet to allow for cleansing, so the more raw food the better!

Days 7-9- the power phase is the time that really tested me as it is three days of juicing and I had a busy schedule during this- not perfectly timed but I coped! It was important to keep at it as this is where you eliminate all the harmful toxins that you hold in your body. The fabulous and Radiance Cleanse came to my rescue creating some delicious juices and delivering them right to my door.

Days 10-12- the final phase was the maintenance phase. I was so glad to be back on meals but made sure I kept this light- fruit, vegetables, salads, plenty of water and fresh juices. Check out the tasty butterbean burger below!

This when I really noticed how amazing Chris’s cleanse was, people were commenting on how I was glowing and looked refreshed. I even had a green coffee body sculpting treatment at the Organic Pharmacy to allow of optimum cleansing, thoroughly relaxing and a real treat.

I would recommend the Chris James Mind & Body cleanse to anyone who feels that they have over indulged lately and would like to kick start a healthy regime. I have come out of the 12days with my skin tighter, weight lost, increased energy, my skin glowing, and a happy mind.


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  • March 12, 2013

    Laura Seed

    This sounds amazing, definitely interested. I’m vegetarian, is it a friendly plan for me? It’s great that it has options for your intolerence. Glowing skin and a happy mind sounds like heaven to me.

    Hope you’re well,

    Laura x

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